Safeguarded File Expert by The Tax Place

Secure Data file Pro is actually a feature provided by The Tax Place that scrambles, backs up, and protects your tax documents. Secure File Pro requires a exceptional password and login that just you can use to gain access to your tax forms and information. Once you have logged in, you can view your records anytime and anywhere.

Secure Document Pro is definitely an online webpage where you can send out and acquire files and documents securely. It also enables you to upload and download files from any kind of computer with an Internet interconnection. It’s a convenient way to talk about important records. With Secure Document Pro, you can share papers with consumers anytime and anywhere with no hassle of faxing or perhaps printing.

You can also set Person Reminder intended for Secure File Exchange. In the event that anchor you would like, you can place it to email reminders to your recipients every 7 days. However , you can customize the wording of these emails because you like. Protected File Exchange also allows most file types, except for 2.. exe, 5.. msi, and *. such as the files. Users can send up to five files to other associates.

The Data file Request Pro feature was made specifically for businesses to collect customer documents. It can help businesses set up secure publish pages inside 15 minutes. It also allows businesses to decide on a region to store their info. In addition , it really is customized having a company logo, URL, and record photograph. It also is included with anti-virus and ransomware safeguards. Furthermore, it uses a site-specific encryption vital.

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